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Welcome to the Ciwara Kids Foundation

The Ciwara Kids Foundation's main aim is to provide the necessary means to dedicated students and young professionals in their quest to fulfill the educational needs of the children at the Ciwara School in Mali. The Ciwara School is the first of its kind in Mali that, together with the Institut pour l'Education Populaire and Oxfam Novibspares no efforts to teach not only healthy children but also those with special needs, so that they will be able to provide for themselves and their families in the future.

The foundation uses its funds to aid those who want to complete an internship in the developing country. By supporting the students and young professionals, not only financially but also with knowledge and guidance, it gives them the opportunity to share and apply the skills and abilities obtained within their own studies with the teaching staff at the Ciwara school. Recently completed internships have already produced amazing progress, which shows that the deployment of human capital is a rewarding way of providing development aid.

The children of the Ciwara school with their teachers


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